Male gamer engaged in competitive play, utilizing a 350XG Victory Gaming Headset with microphone, and holding a game controller.

350XG Victory Gaming Headset: Elevate Your Experience with TWT Audio

TWT Audio

A game-changer for the gaming industry, TWT Audio is proud to announce its latest offering - the 350XG Victory Gaming Headset. This over-ear style high-comfort gaming headset is designed to take your experience to the next level.  Keep reading to learn how it can step up your gaming experience.


Infographic 350XG Victory Gaming Headset with noise-reduction, moisture-wicking cushions, omni-directional mic, and modular USB/3.5mm cables, next to a game controller.

Get In The (Comfort) Zone with Moisture-Wicking Memory Foam Mesh Ear Cushions

Focused male gamer wearing a headset while holding a controller, with a caption emphasizing 'PLAY ALL DAY COMFORT' and features like moisture-wicking ear cushions for extended gaming sessions.

Gaming requires focus, which thrives on comfort. The 350XG Victory Gaming Headset with moisture-wicking memory foam follows TWT Audio’s “comfort-first” standards, featuring ergonomically designed soft contour ear cushions that give your ears a five-star experience. If you’re an intense gamer, don’t sweat it; the 350XG customizable gaming headset includes moisture-wicking mesh fabric and 24mm plush memory foam that will keep comfort levels high and distractions low.

Customize Your Gaming Experience with Stealth Release Technology 

No gamer is exactly the same, but you can feel confident that the 350XG Victory Gaming Headset can suit your specific preferences. Our conveniently designed long-lasting gaming headset features Stealth-Release Technology, as well as real molten metal inserts,  allowing it to be easily customized for your needs, even as they may change over time.

Communicate with Teammates Easily & Effectively with Noise-Reducing Omnidirectional Microphone

Excited male and female gamers wearing Victory 250XG & 350XG gaming headset, laughing in victory with a game's 'You Placed #1' on the screen, highlighting the headset's clear voice capture feature.

Whether you’re gaming with friends or steaming for an audience, the 350XG brings crystal-clear sound with its noise-reducing omnidirectional microphone capsule technology. Its unique construction tunes out background noise for a fully immersive gaming experience free from outside distractions.  You’ll have no problem strategizing with the squad through the mic’s state-of-the-art audio, with a convenient boom-lift activated mute for when they shouldn’t hear what you have to say. 

Expect Longevity For Years Of Versatile Gaming

The Victory 350XG Gaming headset with modular cables, including 3.5mm and USB-A connectors, highlighting compatibility with various devices for a versatile gaming experience.

The new 350XG Victory Gaming Headset is made to last, even through the toughest play. The wired headset includes thick braided cable that will not only protect connectivity now, but for years to come. Pair it with your choice of gaming console, PC, or even mobile games for an experience you’ll never want to come back from. Furthermore, the 350XG Victorty gaming unit comes with two cables to get you started on the right foot. Each unit  includes a 3.5mm TRRS cable and USB-A cable.

Bring Yourself One Step Closer To Victory

Picking the ideal gaming headset is essential and the best strategy for enhancing the quality of your gameplay. The 350XG gaming headset is easy to customize with impressive durability, this headset is perfect for any age group. The cozy cloud-like cushions will treat your ears to luxury while the crisp audio transports you into the digital world before you. 

Treat yourself to a 350XG Gaming Headset and let everyone know it’s “Game On!”

For any inquiries, support, or assistance regarding the 350XG Victory Gaming Headset or our range of premium gaming headsets, don't hesitate to contact our team. Give us a call at 949.237.2651 or drop an email to us at We're here to help elevate your audio experience!


Promotional graphic featuring the 350XG by TWT Audio gaming headset with the slogan 'TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL' showcasing the headset's sleek design.