About TWT Audio

From their origin as a premier headphone for classrooms, TWT Audio has evolved into an exceptional value product line for the entire spectrum of users. All products are developed with four design principles that ensure all users have an optimal listening experience. With the integral technological guidance from Emmy award-winning audio engineer Mark Howlett, TWT Audio has developed high quality, value-driven headphones and headsets that not only provide superior user experience, but also withstand the rigors of daily use by not only students, but adults and professionals of all ages. Since its inception in 2014, TWT Audio has grown from a family-run business to one of the top selling brands in its category, continually innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of the audio landscape.

What Makes TWT Audio Different

TWT Audio is, above all, a customer-focused company. Every detail of the user experience is carefully considered and enhanced in each of our designs. We don’t confuse customers with exhausting lines of the same types of products. Instead, we design the best version possible to make decisions easy and straightforward. We want each and every customer to be fully satisfied with the purchase of our products. We believe every TWT Audio customer deserves top-quality service and care, and welcome any feedback that helps us improve while cultivating audio innovation for the future.

Elements of Design

All TWT Audio products are developed in-house through a process that incorporates four integral elements of design: durability, comfort, sound, and optimization. These elements combined with data from studies of human head proportions, varying vocal frequencies, and the inner workings of the ear are what make TWT Audio products unique. Using special lightweight blends of flexible, yet durable materials, each model is made to withstand years of use (and abuse). Ergonomic designs coupled with innovative refined audio curve technology allows for comfortable wear; whether it’s for an hour-long meeting or all day. From special ear cushion contouring to the precision placement of sound drivers, TWT Audio headphones and headsets are built to optimize the user experience while protecting auditory health.