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The TW300 REVO with Stealth Release™ over-ear headphone — featuring superior sonics and unique ear cup swivel technology to perfectly fit each individual listener — combines state of the art technology with audio excellence to create an affordable, adaptable, and satisfying listening experience. The thick and luxurious ear cushions gently surround and insulate the ear in 360° to provide unbeatable sound quality and minimize background noise. A sleek design couples with custom-tuned 40mm drivers and easy-to-remove and replace modular ear cushions and cables to make the TW300 REVO with Stealth Release™ an innovative headphone that will last the test of time.

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About REVO TW300 Headphone

The revolutionary TWT Audio TW300 REVO headphone was designed to provide unique solutions to equally unique listeners, altering the perception and experience of what an over-ear headphone can offer. Featuring a sophisticated silhouette, sonic superiority, unparalleled comfortability, and the literal and metaphorical flexibility to fit you and your lifestyle needs, the TW300 REVO combines state of the art technology with audio excellence to create an ideally affordable headphone that will satisfy the most discerning of listeners.

The TW300 REVO’s perfected sound curve - custom designed with expertise and precision by TWT Audio’ in-house audio engineer - provides sublime audio for enjoying your favorite music, podcasts, streamed videos, and everything else you want to plug into. Paired with signature ear cup swivel technology and thick, luxurious 100% over-ear memory foam–style cushions that gently surround and insulate the ear in 360°, the TW300 REVO offers unbeatable sound quality, minimized background noise, all-day comfort, and a personalized fit for listeners of all sizes. Stylistically modify and elongate the lifespan of your headphone in seconds: seamlessly remove, clean, and replace both ear cushions with applied pressure, or easily swap out the modular 3.5mm jack cable with a standard screwdriver. Join the audio revolution today; revel in the latest in adaptable, innovative headphone technology at an affordable price with the TW300 REVO.


<p>Ergonomically </p><p>sleek structure</p>


sleek structure

<p>Luxurious 24mm </p><p>thick seamless </p><p>ear cushions</p>

Luxurious 24mm

thick seamless

ear cushions

<p>Acoustically tuned </p><p>and ported ear cups</p>

Acoustically tuned

and ported ear cups

<p>Superior sound quality</p><p> from custom designed </p><p>40mm drivers</p>

Superior sound quality

from custom designed

40mm drivers

<p>Innovative and </p><p>durable structuring</p>

Innovative and

durable structuring

<p>3.5mm</p><p>TRS jack</p>


TRS jack

<p>Two Year</p><p>Warranty</p>

Two Year



  • Frequency- 20hz - 16,000hz
  • Sensitivity - 100db +/- 3db
  • Impedance- 32ohm
  • Power handling capacity- 10mW
  • Cord length- 1.3M fabric braided
  • Plug type- 3.5mm
  • Driver unit- 40mm NbFeb w/ PET diaphragm
  • Warranty- 2 year
<strong>Dimensions: </strong>8.0” x 3.5” x 8.5”

Dimensions: 8.0” x 3.5” x 8.5”

<strong>Weight:</strong> 8.6 ounces

Weight: 8.6 ounces