Introducing The All New Ultra Ergo Headphone

Introducing The All New Ultra Ergo Headphone

TWT Audio

Influenced by the professional classroom experience of founder and former Education Technology Director Mike Guerena, ThinkWrite headphones and headsets are designed specifically for the everyday demands of students in classroom, lab, standardized testing, and home environments.

The brand new Ultra Ergo TW100 was designed exclusively by TWT Audio from the ground up with the singular goal of creating a superior sounding, more comfortable headphone combined with our signature durability. What makes the TW100 the ideal on-ear headphone for school testing and everyday usage? Let's take a look at its unique features and design.

  • Fit and tested for ages 5+
  • Perfect for classroom, lab, testing, and at-home usage
  • Lightweight, twistable headband
  • Ergonomically angled earcups
  • Gentle audio curve for safe long listening
  • Improved sound isolation with 360° gapless ear cushion contact
  • Comfortable and cleanable leatherette on-ear cushions
  • Durable ABS plastic ear cups
  • Chew-proof braided fabric cord
  • Yank-proof reinforced steel-center pin 3.5mm TRS jack
  • Built-in cable strain-relief
  • Two year warranty

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Ergonomic Fit

ThinkWrite studied the shape and angles of the average human head and ears, and applied those proportions to the Ultra Ergo TW100 headband and earcups. Tested on children and adults ranging in age from 5 to 50, the Ultra Ergo provides the ideal amount of compression and sound isolation required of an on-ear headphone to produce clear audio without applying unnecessary pressure to delicate ears.

Ergonomic Finish

The Ultra Ergo TW100 features tight seams and no visible screws, making them the perfect fit for longterm classroom usage; the headband panels can’t be pulled apart by fidgeting students, and won’t snag on clothing, jewelry, or hair. The matte finish on each set of headphones even minimizes the appearance of scratches and scuffs, helping them to look new long after receiving significant wear-and-tear.

Optimized Audio Curve

ThinkWrite understands how much time students spend wearing headphones in modern classroom and testing settings. It’s our goal to ensure their sensitive ears remain protected at all times by providing a gentler listening experience while maintaining clarity of sound and vocal articulation that all ages will enjoy at lower volumes.

Did you know that constant exposure to mid-range frequencies (the frequencies that most people experience as hearing loss as they approach older age) during extended periods of headphone usage can be detrimental to the long-term auditory health of young listeners? We utilized our expert knowledge of how the human ear works to design and manipulate the acoustics and frequency responses of each headphone to minimize those dangers.


Imagine spending less time focused on broken and disabled audio accessories and more time on what’s most important: your students. ThinkWrite makes that dream a reality by combining the classroom-proof Ultra Ergo headphone with a comprehensive two year warranty.

The Ultra Ergo TW100 utilizes the ideal blend of materials to allow the lightweight headband to twist and bend while maintaining its original shape, compression, and color. ThinkWrite knows that students come in all ages, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes - whether measuring in at 36” or 6’3”, our flexible headphones will comfortably fit any size of student today and into the future.

The chew-proof braided-fabric cable coupled with a 3.5mm TRS jack with a reinforced-steel center pin will help prevent damage from even the toughest of cord chewers and yankers. ThinkWrite’s signature blue cable strain-relief additionally prevents the durable cable from being pulled out of the earcup.

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