Kick Off The New School Year With New ThinkWrite Headphone & Headset Models

Kick Off The New School Year With New ThinkWrite Headphone & Headset Models

TWT Audio

TWT Audio has been enjoying a busy summer, and we imagine that you have, too. Between traveling around the country to meet up with our favorite vendors and customers at trade shows and conferences to working hard to stock up on all of your favorite headphone and headset product lines, TWT Audio has covered a lot of ground over the past few months.

If you didn’t catch us at ISTE in New Orleans, WVSTC in West Virginia, or InnEdCo in Colorado this summer, you may have missed not only our smiling faces, but also some very exciting news: two brand new models and one improved classic will be added to the TWT Audio catalog of audio accessories this fall. Don’t let a case of FOMO get you down, though. Here’s everything you should know about the upcoming additions to our stellar product lineup.

All New 250XG Victory Gaming Headset - Available October 2022

You asked for it, and we delivered. The 250XG Victory Gaming headset provides an elevated level of audio quality and unparalleled comfort to gamers and eSports participants of all ages in a specially designed model. TWT Audio’ classic “comfort-first” construction, moisture-wicking ear pads, and unique ear cup swivel technology combine to minimize background noise while the adjustable “Silicon Flex” flip-down omni directional microphone boom captures diverse vocal qualities and inflections—without the distracting background noise. Utilizing sensitive omni capsule technology and custom-designed 40mm drivers to provide a clear, impactful sonic experience, the 250XG headset uniquely complements the intense rush of gaming at home, in competition, and on the road.

All New TW300 REVO Headphone -  Available October 2022

The TW300 REVO 100% over-ear headphone — featuring superior sonics and unique ear cup swivel technology to perfectly fit each individual listener — combines state of the art technology with audio excellence to create an affordable, adaptable, and satisfying listening experience. The thick and luxurious ear cushions gently surround and insulate the ear in 360° to provide unbeatable sound quality and minimize background noise. A sleek design couples with custom-tuned 40mm drivers and easy-to-remove and -replace modular ear cushions and cables to make the TW300 REVO an innovative headphone that will last listeners of all ages and sizes the test of time.

Improved 2nd Generation TW50 Headphone -  Available August 2022

The improved TW50 continues to include all of the beloved perks of the classic headphone: ultra light, ultra flexible, and available at a highly competitive price. We went back to the drawing board to improve the sound quality, ergonomic fit, and modern aesthetic while further decreasing the headphone’s weight. The original TW50 is already a durable classroom favorite, but now there’s even more to love about this affordable, lightweight headphone.

If you’re still feeling the FOMO, check out this interview with Dr. Dan Kreiness from Leader of Learning featuring founder and CEO, Mike Guerena. Dan and Mike discuss what makes TWT Audio headphones and headsets unique, how ThinkWrite overcame some of the many challenges posed by Covid-19, and why we’re so excited about the release of both the 250XG Victory Gaming Headset and the TW300 REVO headphone.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new 250XG Headset or TW300 headphone? See what the future of TWT Audio’ audio accessories holds - come find us this summer or fall to chat and try out the newest models in person. You can find a ThinkWrite representative at the NYC DOE Schools Tech Summit in August, or at the MassCUE and South Carolina EdTech conferences in October. Stop by and say hello!

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