New Look, Same ThinkWrite

New Look, Same ThinkWrite

TWT Audio

TWT Audio is proud to unveil a fresh, new, and innovative look to be used for branding all its products and promotional materials. We as a company believe that our new logo and color scheme reflect our goals in today’s technology arena and more thoroughly prepare us to identify the future trends of the industry.

Technology has always been at the core of our company, so when it came time to reevaluate our brand, we wanted to underline the immense role that technology plays in everything that we do. The light bulb, the foremost symbol of modern technology and innovation, still retains its focus as the cornerstone and foundation of our brand, and our new light bulb design will now incorporate an arrangement of circuitry in the middle. With technology at the center of everything we do, we placed electronic circuits, the crucial technology behind the majority of today’s innovations as well as our products, in the center of our logo as a logical next step in our brand’s evolution and to reflect the interconnectivity of our modern world.

The second notable change to our branding is in the coloring. In the years since our founding in 2014, our exponential growth has led to more innovative products and we have adopted a new blue gradient color scheme to expand our image. As the Thinkwrite brand has evolved into what it is today, a trusted, reliable, and customer-oriented technology accessories company, our fresh new color scheme further enhances our brand as we continue to grow our market scope into 2018 and beyond.

The most important message we would like to convey with this rebrand actually has nothing to do with logos, font, or coloring at all. While this new look for ThinkWrite certainly ushers in a new era for the company, what we would like to emphasize the most is that we will continue to be the same company you have worked with in the past. Our primary mission remains to provide innovative, reliable, and durable technology accessories for the classroom while servicing our customers as if they were our own family. Even though the look is different, you can expect the same reliable ThinkWrite you have come to know and trust over the last half decade.

We thank you for your continued support and are excited for you to join us on the next chapter of our journey.

The ThinkWrite Team