No Headset? No Problem

No Headset? No Problem

TWT Audio

Did you know that you can use a ThinkWrite headphone with the onboard microphone in a Chromebook or iPad to participate in a Zoom call? That means you have the flexibility to use a set of headphones instead of a headset with a built in microphone.

If you only have the budget for headphones or the ThinkWrite headset you originally wanted to purchase is out of stock, don’t worry; headphones will work equally well, increasing your options for staying plugged in. Both Chromebooks and iPads will automatically default to using the internal microphone when they detect the user has a standard headphone plugged in. No additional tech knowledge or support is required when joining a video conference call with a headphone!

ThinkWrite’s Ultra Ergo and Ultra Durable lines are available in both headphone and headset variations. Be certain that you’ll enjoy the same level of comfort, durability, and great sound using either of your favorite ThinkWrite models whenever you need to jump on a Zoom call for school, work, or to catch up with your favorite people. In modern home and classroom environments where people are relying daily upon computers, tablets, and phones, a good set of headphones to additionally help filter out surrounding background noise and help you focus on the task at hand is indispensable. That said, it’s important to remember that other people sharing your work or educational space may find the sounds coming from your device equally distracting when headphones or a headset aren’t used.

Earbuds are often considered to be a decent solution to keeping sound output to a minimum due to their cost and small size. However, there is substantial research regarding long term damage to the ear due to the overuse of ear buds. You can learn more about potential earbud-related hearing damage here. Over-the-ear or on-ear headphones are a safe option for periods of long-listening. Both place less strain on delicate ears over the course of extended listening periods and offer superior noise isolation.

Regardless of which model you’re using, rest assured that your ThinkWrite headphone or headset has been designed from the ground up to be extremely durable, comfortable, and to interface with as many different devices and programs as possible. Stay connected to your classmates, colleagues, and community on your preferred video conferencing app with ThinkWrite.