ThinkWrite Headsets: A Collaboration Tool

ThinkWrite Headsets: A Collaboration Tool

author TWT Audio

I received an email from a good friend of mine Lisa Dabbs about writing a blog post for ThinkWrite.  I reached out to ThinkWrite and they sent some headsets for me to try and write a blog about.  I received the ThinkWrite headset in the mail and the first thing I noticed was they were really big.  Sorta like the Beats or JBL earphones.  I have become accustomed to smaller ear buds and wasn’t too sure how I would use this ThinkWrite headset.  However, I noticed right away the headset had a microphone that was physically attached. I thought it was a cool feature because people have a hard time hearing me at times with my current ear buds.  I tried it out and actually really enjoyed the microphone feature.  I started using the headsets to listen and engage in my many conversation with fellow educators on Voxer.  I now use the ThinkWrite headsets as a means to collaborate on video conference calls such as google, and even adobe connect.  During online conversations, people are able to hear me clearly and the headset have a pretty good sound quality.  

These ThinkWrite headsets are perfect if you want to collaborate on an audio or video call where you have to dialogue and listen. They come in some really cool colors including Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Teal. Blue happens to be my favorite and the one I used during a recent periscope.

Toutoule Ntoya, Ed.D