TWT Audio Receives Endorsement from World Renowned California Ear Institute

TWT Audio Receives Endorsement from World Renowned California Ear Institute

TWT Audio

Leading Otologist Recognizes TWT Audio Headphones and Headsets for Safety and Outstanding Value

Wherever users work, study or play, the right pair of headphones or headsets can improve concentration and enhance learning by delivering clear audio and preventing outside distractions.  As audio use and listening consumption is expected to rise as consumers fill their ears with audio content, from digital learning and Zoom calls to podcasts, auditory health becomes a priority.

According to Dr. Joseph Roberson of the California Ear Institute, many users lack the information they need on the potentially harmful aspects of sound and sound producing devices.  If audio safety is not maintained, especially in the early years, hearing loss can lead to a serious problem in later life.  Based on an extensive evaluation with state-of-the art scientific equipment, TWT Audio™ headphones and headsets were found to meet the audio safety standards set by The California Ear Institute.

"In our testing, we placed a microphone at the eardrum and tested two ThinkWrite devices for sound output, the most accurate way to test devices in humans," said Dr. Roberson. "We know that sound exposure due to headphone use and ear buds is a serious issue.  Hearing can become damaged with many available sound producing devices slowly over time.  Our testing showed ThinkWrite's products exceeded well-proven safety barriers when used with an everyday sound source, such as speech or music.  We believe ThinkWrite's products to be of exceptional quality, at an amazing price."

About the California Ear Institute

Dr. Joseph Roberson is the CEO of the California Ear Institute and an internationally renowned specialist in Otology, Neurotology, and Skull Base Surgery. He is Board Certified in Otolaryngology and Neurotology and is a member of the American Neurotology Society and the AAO-HNS. He formerly served as the Chief of Otology-Neurotology-Skull Base Surgery at Stanford University, and is widely published in peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks and authored a comprehensive book on Atresia-Microtia. As Founder of the Let Them Hear Foundation, Dr. Roberson is active internationally and serves as President of the Foundation.

The California Ear Institute was founded in 1968 and is dedicated solely to hearing health care for patients around the world. Its world-renowned surgeons have provided more than a quarter of a million visits for patients with a broad variety of otologic disorders. CEI is Northern California's premier site for the treatment of ear-related disorders and is highly ranked among the world's Centers of Excellence specializing in hearing and ear-related disorders. The Institute is famous as a site of referral for patients from whom treatment has not turned out as expected – particularly those who require second opinions, or revision surgical procedures, or both. Learn more at