A woman in a white shirt glancing to the right enjoying her seamless listening experience with TWT Audio's TW340 headphones.

Behind the Soundstage: TWT Audio's TW340 Wireless Launch

TWT Audio

TWT Audio's Revolutionary TW340 Wireless Headphones

The pulse of innovation is beating strong with TWT Audio’s latest innovation, the REVO TW340 wireless headphones! To celebrate our latest creation, last week, we launched our TW340 media campaign. Come along and join us in the making of our latest media campaign, the TW340 Launch. Featuring photographer Monti Smith.

Women working out in the gym while using TW340 headphones from TWT Audio and listening to music. A woman in a white shirt, standing in front of the gym's weightlifting machines, adjusts the volume on her TW340 headphones from TWT Audio using the on-ear push-button control. : A fitness enthusiast woman, clad in a white shirt, wears TW340 headphones from TWT Audio while working out at the gym


The TW340: Design and Performance

A woman, with a smile directed towards someone on her left, casually rests her TW340 headphones from TWT Audio around her neck while seated on a stationary bike, enjoying her workout.

At the core of the TW340's allure lies a commitment to redefining wireless audio experiences. Founder and CEO Mike Guerena declares, "At TWT Audio, every detail of the consumer experience is carefully considered to deliver the best audio experience possible."

Listener changing moisture-wicking cushions on TW340 wireless headphones, seamlessly transitioning from casual listening to workout mode

The TW340 REVO over-ear wireless headphones boast a sophisticated silhouette, superior sonics, and unparalleled comfort. Acoustically tuned ear cups, custom-designed 40mm drivers, and a built-in microphone elevate the audio experience as well. Luxurious memory foam ear cushions, encased in high-grade leatherette, encapsulate the ear at 360 degrees, offering both comfort and noise reduction from external distractions.

A woman, clad in a white t-shirt and jeans and wearing sunglasses, descends the subway stairs while enjoying music on her TW340 headphones from TWT Audio. A woman wearing TW340 headphones from TWT Audio gazes at an approaching subway train, immersed in her music and seemingly detached from her surroundings. : A woman wearing TW340 headphones from TWT Audio stands on a sidewalk, enjoying her music while surrounded by the urban environment.


A Glimpse into the Photoshoot: The Artistry

A woman in a white shirt is listening to music and with TW340 headphones from TWT Audio, looking in the right direction.

Our behind-the-scenes journey takes you on the set of the photoshoot through the TWT Audio eye, capturing the TW340's modular functionality and multipurpose capabilities. The sleek, thoughtful design is showcased through vivid imagery captured over multiple sets throughout Carlsbad, CA, including a private gym, a computer train station, and the seaside coastline. Scroll through the image gallery below.


Innovation Unveiled: Stealth Release™ Technology

TW340 REVO wireless headphones on outdoor turf, showcasing their replaceable moisture-wicking cushion replacements, with a white workout shoe positioned in the right corner

The TW340 is equipped with our patented Stealth Release™ system, which allows users to seamlessly switch between plush leatherette and moisture-wicking mesh ear cushions without needing any tools. This thoughtful design ensures that the TW340 adapts effortlessly to various environments, from intense workouts to serene moments of audio indulgence, the TW340 is the ultimate audio companion.


Meet the TW340: More than Just a Headphone

A woman wearing a white t-shirt is facing her right side and has TW340 REVO wireless headphones from TWT Audio resting comfortably on her neck.

The TW340 REVO wireless headphone isn't just a device; it's a REVOlution. Engineered with dual audio curves to cater to different ear cushions, it effortlessly combines adaptability with exceptional sound quality. The moisture-wicking ear cushions ensure maximum comfort during active pursuits, making it the ideal companion for every lifestyle.

: A smiling women in a black t-shirt, strolling on the beach adjusts the volume using the on-ear push-button control on her REVO wireless TW340 headphones from TWT Audio. A smiling woman, facing left and wearing TWT Audio's REVO wireless TW340 headphones, adjusts the sound settings. A women sitting on the beach with sunglasses enjoying the unparalleled comfort of  REVO wireless TW340 headphones from TWT Audio.


The TW340 Experience: Yours to Customize

As our behind-the-scenes journey comes to an end, we invite you to step into the spotlight. The TW340 REVO wireless headphones, priced at a highly competitive $69.99, are ready to redefine your audio experience. TWT Audio's commitment to audio and optimization, comfort, and durability culminate in a product designed to stand the test of time.

A woman in a white T-shirt with sunglasses listening with REVO wireless TW340 over-ear headphones from TWT Audio at a train station.


Join the REVOlution Today!

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