TWT Audio 10th Anniversary – A Decade of Audio Evolution


Travel through sound and time as we celebrate 10 years of audio innovation. Explore our timeline from our inception in 2014 to the creation of modular, wireless audio in 2023, along with other milestones and product releases throughout 2024. To celebrate our decade of innovation, we will be giving away a school set (up to 500 units) of headphones or headsets! You can learn more here.


Our History












Start Here!

Carlsbad, California – Our first headphone sale! 2014.

Ultra Durable Headset 90103 Launched

TWT Audio launches the Ultra DURO Series at the Girls Academy Phoenix. 2014. 

Our First ISTE

TWT Audio attends the International Society for Technology in Education. 2014.

Our First Reseller Sale

Our first resale. The sale was made through M&A Technology. 2015.

Ultra Light Headphone Line Introduced

TWT Audio’s extreme lightweight solution. 2015.

Ultra Durable Headphone 90120 Introduced

TWT Audio introduces rainbow colors and personalization. 2016.

Our First BETT

TWT Audio attends first conference overseas. 2016.

Direct Selling to Reseller Model Business Model

TWT Audio moves into larger warehouse space to keep up with orders and growth. 2017.

Introducing the Lightbulb

TWT Audio introduces Lightbulb logo and refreshes brand colors. 2018.

Breakaway Adapter Introduced

TWT Audio introduces a flexible adapter. 2019.

Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Winner

Winner of the Hardware: Computer Category. 2020.

TWT Surpasses 1M Units Sold

TWT Audio achieves a huge milestone as a small business. 2020.

ERGO Series is Born

TWT Audio introduces the TW100 and TW110. 2020.

DURO Series is Born

Ultra Durable series receives DURO makeover, no longer the 90103 and 90120. 2020.

The World’s First 3-D-printed School Opens in Malawi

Click here to see school. 2021.

REVO Series is Born

Education’s first ever modular headphone is introduced. 2022.

TWT Audio Unveiled

Brand receives new name and rebrand (2nd light bulb iteration). 2022.

2nd Generation LITE Headphones Introduced

TWT Audio upgrades to a new form and fit. 2022.

Victory 250XG Introduced

TWT Audio’s first Esports offering. 2022.

NASEF Official Partner

Official Audio partner for North America Scholastic Esports Federation. 2023.

REVO Headsets Introduced

Education’s first-ever modular headsets. 2023.

REVO Wireless is Introduced

TWT Audio’s first wireless offering. 2023.

TW55 is Introduced

TWT Audio’s extreme lightweight headset. 2024.

350XG Gaming Unit Introduced

TWT Audio’s REVO gaming headset with Stealth Release™. 2024.

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