Special Pricing Registration Details

In order to enhance the competitiveness of TWT Audio Technologies’ products in the marketplace, TWT Audio Technologies (“TWT Audio”) offers special pricing and transaction based registration (“Program”) to all eligible TWT Audio approved Resellers.

This Program is designed to protect and reward Resellers that utilize resources to promote and market TWT Audio products, and that discover, develop, and close sales opportunities. If TWT Audio elects to provide such special pricing that grants preferred and most favorable pricing for a specific transaction or opportunity, such special pricing, subject to the guidelines below, will be exclusively reserved for such Reseller granted such registration.

TWT Audio Technologies may also provide special pricing to a Reseller to enhance a Reseller’s ability to compete with competing products in the marketplace.

All qualified Resellers participating in the Program must understand and adhere to the requirements, conditions, or guidelines that TWT Audio Technologies elects to impose on the granting of special transaction or opportunity based pricing. TWT Audio reserves the right to approve or reject a special pricing registration request based on its sole judgment and discretion on an individual application basis.

In order for a Reseller to be eligible for consideration of special pricing registration, the following requirements must be met:

  • An interested Reseller must apply for registered pricing by utilizing TWT Audio's special pricing registration page found on TWT Audio's website at www.twtaudio.com. Upon submittal of an application for special pricing registration, TWT Audio will review the request within three (3) business days and will notify an applicant once a decision is made.

  • Unless excepted by TWT Audio on a case by case basis, special pricing registration shall not be available for opportunities published by a potential customer through a request for proposal or request for quote.

  • Any approved special pricing registration shall be effective for 120 days or completion of the transaction in question, whichever is sooner, unless TWT Audio elects to extend or modify the terms of such registration prior to the expiration date of such special pricing.

  • A potential opportunity must be 1,000 units or more to be registered and be considered for special pricing.

The Program terms and conditions outlined in this document and all approved registrations are subject to modification, rescission or termination by TWT Audio, at its sole discretion, and without notice.

To register a deal, please fill out the Special Pricing Registration Program form here.