Covid In The Classroom

Covid In The Classroom

TWT Audio

As students prepare to go back to school, whether to a physical classroom or to continue learning remotely, sharing headphones and headsets between classmates is no longer a guaranteed safe option. As we await the arrival of more research regarding the transmission of Covid-19 between children and young adults, the safest course of action is to plan for each student to have their own headphone or headset.

But what if your organization can’t provide individual audio devices for each student? As previously noted, it’s not recommended for students to share headphones or headsets, but we understand; due to tight district budgets and limited availability of listening devices nationwide, you may not have a whole lot of options. In order to clean ThinkWrite headphones and headsets so they’re ready to safely share with another student, all you’ll need are isopropyl alcohol wipes, a soft cloth, and the resealable ThinkWrite bag the headphone or headset came packed in.

After each lesson or listening period, gently but thoroughly wipe down all plastic and leatherette surfaces of the device with an isopropyl alcohol wipe. Include the headband, ear cups, cord, plug, and ear cushions. On headsets, be especially certain to carefully wipe the microphone boom and inline volume control panel; this is where transmittable germs from saliva and unwashed hands may be easily transmitted. After thoroughly cleansing the device with an isopropyl alcohol wipe, gently wipe clean and dry the headphone or headset with a soft cloth. When the device is dried, drop it into the resealable plastic bag, zip it closed, and store for its next usage.

Regardless of whether or not Covid-19 continues to be a concern in the years to come, it’s best practice to always wipe and clean audio accessories before sharing them with another person. Since ThinkWrite listening devices come with a comprehensive warranty, be certain to keep them clean so your students can continue to enjoy them (and share, when necessary) into the future.

If you need to properly outfit your school or district with audio devices for students, don’t stress. From on-ear and over-ear headsets to a wide range of headphones that can be paired with the onboard microphone of many different types of devices, ThinkWrite has the models necessary to keep your students plugged into classes this fall.