Introducing The Ultra Durable Pro Headset

Introducing The Ultra Durable Pro Headset

TWT Audio

Introducing the All New TW210 and TW220 Ultra Durable Pro Headsets

Whether you’re back in the classroom, phoning in from the office, or continuing to work from home, our latest in headset technology will keep you comfortably connected. The Ultra Durable Pro TW210 and TW220 take the best features from our over-ear Ultra Durable Pro headphones and exclusively designed headsets with the added bonus of two audio plugs to choose from; so regardless if you’re in the market for a classic jack or searching for USB connectivity, we’ve got you covered. Informed by our professional classroom and audio experience, the Ultra Durable Pro TW210 and TW220 combine TWT Audio’ unique ear cup swivel technology and omni-directional microphone boom with our signature durability for superior sound and audio connectivity. With an MSRP of $28.99 for 3.5mm and $34.99 for USB, the Ultra Durable Pro TW210 and TW220 are the reliable and affordable headsets you’ve been looking for.

Fit and tested for ages 5+

Here are some of the TW210 and TW220 highlights:

  • Fit and tested for ages 5+
  • Perfect for educational, lab, office, at-home, and on-the-go usage
  • “Comfort-first” compression headband
  • Ergonomically shaped over-ear cushions
  • Gentle audio curve for safe long listening
  • Improved sound isolation with 360° gapless ear cushion contact
  • Flip-down, noise reducing omni-directional microphone boom
  • Inline rotary volume control
  • Durable ABS plastic ear cups
  • 40mm neodymium magnet drivers
  • Chew-resistant braided fabric cord
  • Yank-proof reinforced steel-center pin 3.5mm TRRS jack (TW210) or USB (TW220)
  • Built-in cable strain-relief
  • Two-year warranty

Comfort-first Fit

With distance learning and video conferencing as today’s new norm, long-listening comfort is key. Crafted from the studied proportions, shape, and angles of the average human head, the Ultra Durable Pro headsets combine the optimized “comfort-first” upholstered headband with ergonomically designed ear cushions for hours of comfortable listening. Tested on children and adults ranging in age from 5 to 65, the Ultra Durable Pro TW210 and TW220 provide the ideal amount of compression and sound isolation for clear audio, all with ear and auditory health at top of mind.

Optimized Sound and Mic Placement

ThinkWrite understands how much time students and adults alike spend wearing headsets in modern classroom and professional settings. It’s our goal to ensure their sensitive ears remain protected at all times by providing a gentler listening experience while maintaining clarity of sound and vocal articulation at lower volumes that all ages will enjoy.

Did you know that constant exposure to mid-range frequencies (the frequencies that most people experience as hearing loss as they approach older age) during extended periods of headset usage can be detrimental to the long-term auditory health of young listeners? We utilized our expert knowledge of how the human ear works to design and manipulate the acoustics and frequency responses of each headset to minimize those dangers.

Bolstered by the knowledge and support of our in-house audio engineer, ThinkWrite recognizes that the smallest alterations can affect the quality of sound produced by our headsets. In the case of the Ultra Durable Pro headsets, the driver is uniquely mounted and angled for a more efficient reproduction of the audio source by reducing harmonic distortion caused by sound bouncing off of the ear instead of being directed into the ear canal. We’ve also positioned the boom mic to capture sound from the corner of the mouth instead of directly in front of it. This ideal placement absorbs more unique vocal inflection with less background noise all while keeping it out of chewing range.

Durability and Ergonomic Finish

It seems everyone is juggling a million things while facing new modern challenges day-by-day. But struggling with audio technology doesn’t have to be one of them. Built to last—and backed by a two-year warranty—the Ultra Durable Pro TW210 and TW220 USB headsets are made with lightweight, bendable materials, for a headband that allows twisting and bending without losing its original shape—meaning less breakage and a longer lifespan. With tight structural seams and design for smooth sizing adjustments, the headband panels won’t be pulled apart by fidgeting students, or snag on clothing, jewelry, or hair.

The best part in all this is the reliably durable mic boom. Gone are the days of dealing with snapped off mics thanks to ThinkWrite’s signature 3 Screw Connecting Plate, allowing the fully adjustable boom to withstand extreme amounts of applied pressure in any direction.

And forget any worries about fraying cables. The Ultra Durable Pro headsets come equipped with chew-proof braided-fabric cable and ThinkWrite’s trademark blue cable strain-relief to keep that durable cord from being pulled out of the earcup. The TW210 has a reinforced-steel center 3.5mm TRRS jack pin and the TW220 features a reinforced USB connection, both working to prevent damage from even the toughest of cord chewers and yankers. Not sure which connection to go with? Check out our blog post here to learn more about the two audio plug choices to help you decide!

The Ultra Durable Pro TW210 and TW220 are available for purchase today. For a quote, click here.